NDA – Never Diet Again



Support to lose weight
In 12 weeks
End the yoyo dieting cycle without giving up your favourite foods
If you struggle to stick to a diet, this programme is designed for you


Initial video call: One-to-one call to find out about you, where you’re at, and what you’d like to achieve. This will include:

  • Nutrition: We will discuss your current diet, and agree on some goals to help you achieve them. This might include calorie and protein targets or a meal structure depending on your preferences.

  • Movement: We will discuss your current lifestyle and activity and agree achievable targets to aim for. This may include a step count, or minutes aerobic based exercise depending on your preferences.

  • Resistance training: We will discuss any resistance training history, and agree a plan for implementing this into your routine. There will be home, dumbbell, and gym options available, these will be updated 6 weekly.

Set up:

  • You will have access to the Ritual Fitness app. Here you will find your workouts, you can link to My Fitness Pal to track your nutrition, upload progress photos, and store your weight and measurements.

  • You can also use the app to track daily habits that help you to meet your goals including steps, workouts, sleep, water intake, fruit and veg portions and more.

Support and Accountability: Losing weight is hard, I will be there every step of the way to provide you with support and encouragement to reach your goals. I will celebrate your wins, and give you a nudge when you need it. Support is structured as follows:

  • Weekly online check in: This is a form for you to complete on the agreed day. Feedback will be provided within 24 hours via email or whatsapp as per your preference.

  • 30 minute video call at week 4 & 8: This is an in depth progress review and goal resetting as required.

  • Week 12 video call to discuss progress and next steps

  • Ongoing WhatsApp support as required: If between the planned support something changes, you have a wobble, or a question send me a message. I will reply within 24 hours on weekdays.



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