What Is Online Personal Training?

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Personal training is traditionally thought of as one-to-one in-person coaching. These sessions can focus on cardio or strength work, or even sports specific training. Such personal training is widely available through gyms, fitness centres and private coaches. However, with the increasing use of technology online training has been popularised, with the Covid-19 pandemic pushing this style of training into the mainstream. But what is online personal training, and how can it benefit you?

Online Personal Training

Online training can take a variety of different formats. Essentially there is no in-person contact between the trainer and client. Online personal training can be very similar to traditional personal training where the trainer talks the client through a session, watching and correcting their form, counting reps and sets via video call. During the Coronavirus pandemic when meeting with other people was prohibited, this style of training was a reasonable alternative. However, it is not ideal for 1-2-1 training to be set up this way. 

At Ritual Fitness online training is a great value, more flexible approach to having a personal trainer. Online clients receive:

  • Goal setting
  • Bespoke training plan
  • Nutrition advice and targets
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Regular feedback 
  • Optional monthly video review
  • Optional unlimited WhatsApp/text/email support

Find out more about our approach to online training here.

How Does Online PT Work?

Essentially, when you sign up with us for online PT you are getting me to help you reach your goals. I set training plans that fit with your goals, the time you have to train and the equipment that you have access to. I will give you nutrition targets. I will help you instil daily habits that will help to keep you healthy for a lifetime. 

I will be there for you to check in with weekly and provide feedback, and to advise on adjustments to your plan as required. Optionally, for a small additional fee I can be available for daily support, just send me a message, a question, anything, I can be there as your accountability when you need it most. For all clients we will regularly review your goals and the progress you are making towards them, I will rewrite your training plans as required, and we will assess and adjust your nutrition goals accordingly. 

Benefits of Online Personal Training

Online personal training will not work for everybody, but for some people it is the perfect option. Some benefits include:

  • Cheaper than 1-2-1 PT
  • More flexible
  • Training to meet your requirements

Choosing online training is cost effective, you still get the same diet and nutrition advice, and you get personalised workout plans for a smaller monthly outlay. If you are a shift worker or have a young family, you may find it difficult to commit to a set weekly time slot for in-person training. With online PT you can do the workouts to suit yourself and to fit in with your other commitments, making this more flexible approach an ideal choice. 

If you are training for something specific, for example running a marathon. You may want advice on strength training to compliment your running, you may want a running plan to help you get ready for race day, you may require nutrition advice for optimising your running. An online can trainer can provide all these things. You can of course choose one-to-one sessions for the strength element if you’d prefer; but with the heavy focus on running, you may find that online training perfectly fits your requirements. 

Drawbacks of Online PT

Dedication to complete workouts is probably the biggest drawback to online training. If you have a regular appointment to come and train with me you are much more likely to get up, come and train, and smash your session; simply due to not wanting to let another person down, and because you’ve paid for that session so you might as well do it. Whereas you may be less motivated to train alone, and more likely to make excuses to not do the sessions. If you are training at home, there may also be distractions preventing you from completing a full workout or getting started at all. 

Another drawback, particularly if your focus is strength training is the lack of coaching. When working with weights it is important to use correct form, particularly as the weight gets heavier to ensure that you avoid injury. Giving you a training plan, doesn’t ensure that you are correctly performing each exercise. You can get around this with occasional 1-2-1 sessions to check your form, by watching YouTube videos to ensure that you understand how the exercise should look, or you could even record yourself and send me the video during your weekly check-in allowing me to provide feedback. 

Is Online Personal Training a Good Fit For You?

Only you can answer this question. Only you know whether you are motivated enough to put the work in, but you need some guidance with training plans and nutrition advice. Or whether you need someone to stand next to you during every exercise to get you through each session. 

My advice, if you are unsure, would be to give online personal training a go and see how you get on. You can always book in for occasional 1-2-1 slots or move onto permanent one-to-one training as your goals progress, or if you feel that you would be more motivated with an in-person trainer. 

To find out more about the online training available from Ritual Fitness you can contact me for more information. I can set up an initial free consultation with you, where we can discuss the pros and cons and whether this type of training would suit your needs. 

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