Yes, you can enjoy your holiday without putting on weight: Here’s How

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It’s May, you’re going on holiday this summer and the thought of buying a bikini is depressing. You decide on a 6/8/10/12 week shred to get ‘bikini ready’. You hate the process, binge a few times, but the thought of wearing a bikini kept you going, and you are delighted with the results. Does this sound familiar? 

Well, let’s fast forward to the week after your holiday, there is likely two scenarios:

  1. You jump on the scales and beat yourself up for the weight gain.
  2. You avoid the scales because you know you ate and drank to excess for the past week or two.

Whichever, of these two people you are, you are also off your diet, back to old habits, and set on the course of weight regain. Again, does this sound familiar? 

Well, it is actually May, and we can scrap this process off right now. You are stuck in the classic yo-yo dieting cycle, and I want to help you break free. 

What is Yo-Yo Dieting? 

Yo-yo dieting is the process that many women find themselves stuck in for 20+ years of their adult life. It is characterised by a being on or off a diet mentality, in which you go through cycles of weight loss, and then weight regain. This can be reasonably small fluctuations of maybe a few kilograms, to larger weight fluctuations of a few stone. Some women find that the overall weight trend is upward, because they lose a stone then regain one and a half. 

This process is due to the mentality of being on a diet and then off a diet. Being on a diet is characterised by food restriction that is often accompanied by excessive exercise, both of which are unsustainable long-term. When you come off your diet, you return to your previous eating and movement patterns, meaning that you regain the weight. 

How Can I Enjoy My Holiday Without Gaining Weight?

Full disclosure, depending on how much weight you want to lose, to do it properly you might not be your ideal of bikini ready this summer. But the long-term benefit of taking your time, losing weight in a sensible and sustainable manner, and building habits into your life that you can maintain long-term is worth it, I promise. Mostly down to the fact, that you will gain confidence in your body and your ability to look after it, not because you will be permanently bikini ready! Although you will be able to know that your summer clothes fit all year round, and that is a fantastic feeling. 

Body weight will always fluctuate, particularly for women due to hormones and their menstrual cycle. How much is individual and could be anything from around 1-3kg. Gaining a small amount of weight on holiday is perfectly normal and can be to do with food volume, water retention due to salt intake or your body’s natural response to being in a hotter climate, constipation, and an increase in body fat. However, within a couple of weeks of being home your weight should return to about normal for you if you haven’t gained excess body fat. 

Long-term weight loss requires a long-term lifestyle shift. You don’t need to become a gym bunny, you don’t have to exist on lettuce leaves, or sign-up for a marathon, but you will need to nourish your body with healthier food choices and move more to both lose weight and keep it off. I help my clients to find their own path, to ensure that their diet and exercise fits their life and doesn’t dictate it. You can check out the 5 steps that I use to help my clients get started with weight loss, and for a tailored approach that suits your individual requirements you can sign-up for coaching. 

Coaching for Long Term Weight Loss

There is no one size fits all approach to sustainable weight loss, if there was you wouldn’t have a problem with yo-yo dieting. The basic rule to weight loss is creating a calorie deficit, which usually means eating less and moving more. However, how that looks in your life can mean any number of different approaches. 

You probably have kids, a full-time job, a house to look after, social occasions to attend, and adding two hours a day in the gym, plus cooking time-consuming meals just isn’t going to work for you. And if you do squeeze it in for a few weeks, when you get to that all-inclusive you are going to lay on that sunbed, drinking pina coladas, and eating all the foods you’ve missed. So, we must find an enjoyable solution that works for you, and this is where I come in, so drop me a message if you’d like to find out more about how I can help you to quit yo-yo dieting for good. 

Let’s Get Back to Maintaining Weight While On Holiday 

As I have already said it is normal to gain a little weight while on holiday, but you should return to your normal quickly if you haven’t gained body fat. The way to not gain body fat is to eat at around maintenance calories. This means that you can eat a little more than you usually do if you are currently in a calorie deficit, but not loads more and not to excess. I have tips for eating out, that work well for holiday eating too: 

  1. Base meals around protein
  2. Swap carbs for vegetables
  3. Structured breakfast and lunch
  4. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no
  5. Choose 2 courses out of 4
  6. Respect your body 

You can download the full information here. Or it is attached as an image if you prefer. 

By starting now and building healthy habits into your life that are sustainable for the long-term you will be able to lose weight, and then enjoy holidays, meals out, and other social occasions without gaining excess amounts of weight. You will be able to banish the yo-yo dieting cycle. It is not easy, and the process will require some dedication to get started, but there is nothing overly complex about it, and I guarantee that once you are losing weight, and wrapped in a healthier lifestyle you will wonder why you ever joined popular diet clubs or followed influencer trends. 

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